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Encourage Health, Encourage Life.

A sponsored project for improved wellness and equity in Los Angeles County. A small team in conjunction with Designmatters (ArtCenter College of Design), Cedars-Sinai Health and Equity, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Garmin, and Discovery Cube. The challenge was to create tools for Angelenos to be 10% more active between now and the upcoming 2028 Olympics in an effort to impact the overall health of this large, diverse community.


Environmental, analog, digital, and graphic identity systems were designed to encourage playful activities. These tools were used to capture data for further studies on the impact of what a little extra can do for a large population. The first phase of this project is currently being tested and will be refined in 9 parks with the goal of expanding to 52 parks. 


Research, Identity Design, Environmental Design, Digital Design

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Graphic Identity

Having worked with our targeted communities for over 10 years, I was able to contribute unique insight, research, and community outreach for our team's graphic identity and specific environmental graphic design solutions. 

Based on the needs of different target markets, the developed application has easy access to community information, offered opportunities, exercise incentives, a point-of-sale, and scheduling for individuals and families.  

Digital Systems

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Fashion & Data

Low-cost, easy-to-use, durable fitness trackers help families know if their goals are being met while supplying open-source data to scientists and researchers.

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Printed Media

Coordination of visual languages between city and park campaigns unify, bring curiosity, and reinforce overall messaging.

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Environmental Design

Community outreach and over 10 years of direct interaction with targeted neighborhoods helped inform strategy and design solutions.


Environmental graphics give ownership to communities through under utilized wall space, design briefs catering to local artists, community participation, and a connection with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.


Individual steps can make a community of difference.

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