Research, Strategize, Rebrand, Deliver.


Over the past 5 years, Amazon has decimated its competition. Brick and mortar department stores have been shutting their doors at an alarming rate, as customers retreat to the ease and reduced pricing of online shopping. My task involved turning research into strategy to retain existing customers and grow a new millennial base. Solutions to this problem include an in-store high-tech restaurant and bar, improved customer service(s), virtual mirrors, RIFD tags, a mobile "dressing room" application, efficient local shipping, and a rebrand that stresses renewed strength and authority within the existing brand.


Research, Creative Strategy, Identity Design, Creative Direction





Macy's current identity is a relaxed, geometric lowercase font showcasing an irreplaceable red star. Rowland H. Macy was a whaler who tattooed  a red North Star on his forearm, a symbol for navigation... a recognizable beacon. I converted the lowercase to a customized uppercase to highlight the ideas of strength and authorit; keeping the strong narrative that current and future customers know, and will come to know. 

Old Identity


Trying on clothes in a dressing room can be mentally and physically uncomfortable.. Decisions, sizing, purchasing, and the physical activity of removing your clothes in a strange environment can all be stress inducing. To hamper these feelings, I designed a live mirror that conducts 3-D scans, recognizes Radio Frequency Identification tags on your garments, offers suggestions, can become a point-of-sale, notifies store clerks of needs, adapts to specified lighting situations, and projects clothes on your body without ever having to take off your shoes.

After being scanned, whether in a store, or through your own mobile device, you can access your account from anywhere. Macy's new website, new mobile application, and smart watch can all offer the same great services as live mirrors in store locations. Shipping from your local shop can be immediate depending on stock. A home, office, or a sidewalk anywhere in the city now becomes a Macy's marketplace offering exact sizing with ease.


Macy's is more than a place to shop, it is also a place to eat world-class food, drink creative martinis, and lounge. New generations need to have more than one reason to leave the house, they also need affordability and swanky, relaxing environments. 

My proposal is to open restaurants on the ground level of every store. These restaurants take advantage of new technologies such see-through OLED televisions that surround each space, entertain, and advertise. All furniture, dishware, lighting, utensils, etc. used in each location are purchasable allowing for greater marketing of all Macy's has to offer.  

Updates in construction materials and technologies would be reflected consistently throughout every store.